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MV Agusta motorcycles have a long tradition with Grand Prix Racing. Several world championships have created a myth around these fast two wheel machines  created by Count Domenico Agusta in 1945 as one of the branches of the Agusta aircraft company  in Cascina Costa, Italy

Many times we hear mechanics saying «it runs like a  Swiss watch» referring to the MV Agusta engine presision. And now  as part of its 75th anniversary MV celebrations there is a special watch to match.  RO-NI is one of Switzerland’s most eclectic and exclusive watchmakers and is building a master piece. RO-NI will be handcrafting a new, automatic model inspired by the motorcycle industry’s genius in design, precision engineering and advanced materials. The watch, named RMV, will be produced in a limited edition of 75 units. The history of RO-NI is intimately tied to that of motorsport racing, and this collaboration with MV Agusta is a true homecoming for the brand from Engadine. The materials used in the RMV are the same as those employed in the creation of MV Agusta’s pieces of motorcycle art: best-grade titanium, 7075 aluminium alloy, steel, carbon fibre but also leather, Alcantara and sapphire. The passion and the mastery in creating these unique pieces are another common trait.

Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., said: “This extraordinary collaboration with RO-NI is a further important step in the execution of our strategy to develop outstanding partnerships.  The aim is to offer MV Agusta branded products of unrivalled quality and international prestige. The RMV may not be for all, as it possibly represents the ultimate luxury in terms of watches, but it perfectly interprets our spirit of excellence and perfection expressed through craftsmanship, beauty and unequalled performance. The lucky few who will own it will possess a piece of our history and of our soul. Forever.”

Nicola Rosa, Founder of RO-NI Watches, said: “This partnership fills us with pride and gives us an opportunity to celebrate a brand that has always been a symbol of success in the art of manufacture. Our technological and artistic DNA naturally drew us towards this ideal alliance. Together we are harnessing time, but our passion always runs free.”

The RMV watch will be produced on order and made entirely by hand. It will be numbered and accompanied by an official certificate. To find out more about the technical specifications of the RMV, visit https://roni-official.com/rmv-mv-agusta.html

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